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The Village, OK
Lawn Care & Pest Services

We offer lawn care and pest services to residents in The Village, OK.

We've been serving The Village, OK since 2003.

The Village is a small city in Oklahoma, with a population of just under 10,000. The residents here enjoy the suburban feel it provides while still being close to Oklahoma City, and it's a cozy place to settle down. The Village has a lot of great restaurants and is near Lake Hefner, where you can enjoy recreational activities like boating, fishing, and walking/biking along the 9-mile Bert Cooper Trail.

Here at Elite Lawn Care, we're dedicated to taking care of residential properties in The Village, OK, and have been since 2003. Whether you want to achieve a thick, green lawn with fertilization and overseeding or keep pests off your property with grub control and mosquito control, we can do it all and more with our lawn care and pest control services.

We can keep your lawn healthy and beautiful year-round with our lawn care services.

Elite professional applying soil conditioning treatment to lawn in The Village, OK.

Fertilization: We will fertilize your lawn several times throughout the year using our premium custom blend. This blend is tailored to the soil in Oklahoma to ensure it gets everything it needs to grow healthy, green grass.

Weed Control: Our weed control treatments are part of our fertilization program to ensure your lawn remains weed-free and can absorb 100% of the nutrients we provide. We use both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control treatments throughout the year to effectively treat weeds like crabgrass, dandelion, chickweed, henbit, and clover.

Overseeding: We perform overseeding in the fall to thicken your turf and fill in bare and patchy areas. We offer our overseeding service to customers with established cool season lawn varieties, who are enrolled in our lawn care control program.

Soil Conditioning: Our soil conditioning treatments will encourage healthy and strong root systems, loosen compacted soil, and enhance nutrient absorption. We'll visit your property five times between May and October to apply our treatments.

Grub Control: We offer preventative grub control treatments to protect your turf from a potential infestation and curative treatments to eliminate the existing population.

Spring Dead Spot Treatment: Get ahead of spring dead spot before it damages your turf with our preventative treatment! We'll apply our fungicide in the fall to protect your grass from this lawn disease, eliminating any growth under the surface before it causes visible problems.

We refer to our overseeding service as fescue reseeding because we help thicken and promote new growth for lawns with fescue grass.

We can eliminate mosquitoes, chiggers, and other pesky insects with our pest treatments!

A worker spraying pest control spray to lawn in The Village, OK.

Perimeter Pest Control: We will apply our perimeter pest control treatments 3 feet up the foundation of your home and 3 feet out onto your lawn 10 times a year, from the end of February until the end of November. We'll even treat under your garage door to prevent insects from getting inside, including spiders, ants, beetles, crickets, and more.

Mosquito Control: Don't let mosquitoes ruin your outdoor fun - we'll treat your property seven times, from April until October, using a backpack fogger to provide overlapping protection from mosquitoes during their most active season.

Chigger Control: We'll apply a chigger control treatment 10 times throughout the year to protect your property from these pesky insects.

Flea & Tick Control: Our experts will visit your property multiple times throughout the year to apply our effective flea and tick control treatments.

Armyworm Control: If you spot any armyworms on your property, then we're the ones to call. We'll apply our armyworm control treatment to stop them in their tracks so they can't inflict any additional damage.

Bagworm Control: We'll treat any trees and shrubs that have fallen victim to bagworms using high-pressure spray guns, ensuring proper application and effective elimination.

Webworm Control: We'll apply our effective webworm control treatments to any affected trees and shrubs, eliminating them and preventing further damage to your plants.

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At Elite Lawn Care, we offer our lawn care and pest services to residential properties in The Village, OK. When you sign up with us, you can trust that we'll care for your turf so that it's healthy and beautiful year-round. We'll also ensure that pesky insects like mosquitoes, chiggers, and grubs are problems of the past and stay off your property for good! Call us at (405) 735-1223 to schedule any of our lawn care and pest services today.