Close up army worm with hole eaten out on leaf near Mustang, OK.

Armyworm Control
in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Mustang, & Nearby Areas of OK

Armyworm Control in & Around Oklahoma City, Edmond, & Mustang, OK

Our armyworm control services will protect your property from these unwanted pests.

Although they are small, armyworms can cause extensive damage to your lawn if they are not dealt with in a timely fashion. The best way to get rid of armyworms is to call your local lawn care professionals to treat the infestation for you. Our lawn care team at Elite Lawn Care offers a safe and effective armyworm control service to residents of the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area, including Edmond and Mustang. Our armyworm control treatment process consists of applying the treatment and assessing the damage on your lawn to come up with a plan on how to nurse your lawn back to health. We also offer options for strengthening your lawn following an infestation and preventing armyworms from returning.

What does our armyworm control treatment process consist of?

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Our armyworm control treatment process begins with the treatment application. We will apply our treatment to your lawn to eliminate these pests from your property so that they can't continue to harm your lawn. While we can't reverse the damage that has already been caused, we can help your lawn recover. We will assess the damage on your lawn and come up with a plan on how to nurse your lawn back to health.

What are your options for strengthening your lawn after an armyworm infestation?

Damage done by armyworms can happen quickly and it is often quite severe. Armyworms often leave brown, chewed-up grass behind and this damage is usually mistaken for underwatering or heat damage. After an armyworm infestation, you can strengthen your lawn by fertilizing it and conditioning your soil. By regularly fertilizing your lawn, you are replenishing essential nutrients which will help your grass to grow and recover from any armyworm damage. Another way you can strengthen your lawn following an armyworm infestation is by applying soil conditioning treatments. Regularly conditioning your soil will provide the best environment for your grass to recover and grow back quickly and healthily.

At Elite Lawn Care, our lawn fertilization and weed control package can help to create a healthy lawn that is resistant to armyworm damage.

How can you prevent a future armyworm infestation?

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The most effective way to prevent lawn insects from invading your property is to have a strong, healthy lawn. Engaging consistently in lawn care such as regular fertilization, weed control application, and soil conditioning can help to create a healthy lawn that is resistant to future armyworm infestations. Additional things you can do to increase your lawn's resistance to insect infestations is to mow and water your lawn regularly and correctly. Consistently caring for your lawn creates nutrient-rich soil and a strong root system, which are the foundations of a healthy, pest-resistant lawn.

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Armyworms are invasive pests that live to eat the grass and plants in your yard. As soon as you notice the damage on your garden or turf, it is time to call in the professionals at Elite Lawn Care. Our lawn care team knows how to safely and effectively treat your lawn for armyworms and prevent future infestations as well. We have been serving homeowners in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Mustang, and nearby cities in the Oklahoma area since 2003. Don't allow armyworms to invade your property and make a meal out of your lawn. Call us at (405) 735-1223 to schedule our armyworm control services today!