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Lawn Fertilization
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We can treat your lawn with our premium, hand-selected fertilizer!

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At Elite Lawn Care, our team can treat your lawn with our premium blend of fertilizer to consistently provide your grass with all nutrients that it will need to thrive throughout the year. Our fertilization service includes 5 treatments throughout the year where we'll distribute our hand-selected fertilizer to your lawn. Some of our visits will even include weed control treatments as well. Our services are available in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Mustang, and nearby areas in Oklahoma.

Our Fertilization Schedule

Our fertilization treatments will provide your lawn with a constant supply of nutrients throughout the year so that your grass can grow nice and healthy. When you schedule our fertilization service, we will treat your grass with a full feeding of our premium fertilizer multiple times throughout the year so that your lawn receives all it needs to grow beautiful, green grass. In addition to fertilization, your lawn will also receive weed control treatments!

Our fertilization and weed control schedule is detailed below:

  • Pre-spring: A pre-emergent weed control treatment is applied to your lawn to get ahead of any weed growth as the weather warms up.
  • Early spring: Our crew will return to add another pre-emergent weed control treatment as well as a post-emergent treatment if we see any weeds actively growing.
  • Mid-spring: With our spring fertilization treatment, our experts will treat your grass with a time-released fertilizer treatment in order to stimulate spring green-up and root growth. Post-emergent weed control is also applied at this time if needed.
  • Early summer: Our first treatment of the summer will be to apply more of our time-released fertilizer. This time, with high nitrogen content in order to promote a greener, healthier-growing lawn. Another weed treatment is applied if needed.
  • Mid-summer: During this visit, our team will feed your grass with more time-released fertilizer so that your lawn will continue to grow lush, green, and thick. Post-emergent weed control treatments will be used if we notice any growing weeds.
  • Late summer: We will treat your grass one last time at the end of summer in order to help it recover from the heat. If needed, we will spray for weeds.
  • Early fall: A Gypsum round of fertilizer is applied to help balance the naturally high pH levels in the clay soils our area has.
  • Late fall & Winter: Our last fertilization treatment of the year is designed to promote deep root development so your lawn will be ready for the winter season. To help prevent winter weeds from growing, we will apply a pre-emergent weed control treatment as our last treatment of the year.

We hand-select our granular fertilizer!

When you select us to fertilize your lawn, you're signing up for premium, granular fertilization treatments that will drastically improve the health and quality of your grass. We are the only company in the United States that has the unique blend of fertilizer that we use.

To achieve this, we meticulously unpacked the way that fertilizer improves grass and then hand-selected micronutrients that best fit the soil conditions here in Oklahoma. This way, we are able to give our clients vibrant grass with consistent growth. Our fertilizer is known for the turfgrass color, thickness, and strong root systems that it produces, so we are confident that you will notice improvements in your lawn. Our one-of-a-kind fertilizer blend includes nutrients like:

• Nitrogen
• Potassium
• Micronutrients
Our fertilizer will strengthen your lawn and make it resilient against diseases and insect infestations that could cause costly damage.

Our highly effective fertilization treatments also include weed control service!

As your grass begins to prosper with our fertilization treatments, we want it to remain that way. For this reason, some of our trips to your landscape will also be to supply your turf with weed control. Our weed control herbicides are effective against crabgrass and other grassy weed types. They will also protect your lawn from many other menacing weed varieties so that your lawn truly thrives in more ways than one!

Call us today to schedule our fertilization service.

At Elite Lawn Care, we specialize in helping lawns grow thick, healthy grass so that they always look their best! This is possible by the use of our premium fertilizer. To schedule our fertilization service, give us a call today at (405) 735-1223. We offer our services to Oklahoma City, Edmond, Mustang, and nearby areas in Oklahoma.