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Norman, OK
Pest Control & Lawn Care Services

Top-Notch Pest Control & Lawn Care Services in Norman, OK

We've been serving Norman, OK for 19 years!

The city of Norman, OK offers a variety of activities to its residents, from medieval fairs to music festivals! The Norman Music Festival is hosted around late April and features local artists and diverse voices. If you prefer to spend your free time connecting with nature, Lake Thunderbird is the perfect destination with 86 miles of shoreline and nearby hiking trails, camping spots, and more.

We love providing the people in and around Norman with top-tier pest control and lawn care solutions! Our services include perimeter pest control, weed control, soil conditioning, and much more to not only nourish your lawn but also protect your property. If you're in the market for the best pest control and lawn care services available, call our team at (405) 735-1223 today to get your quote!

Our team can treat your lawn for chiggers, armyworms, and grubs!

Since the chigger life cycle begins in spring, our chigger control program will get ahead of the curve and start in spring to make sure that chiggers never get a chance to establish themselves on your lawn.

Armyworms are a challenge no lawn wants to face, but if the time comes, you can count on us to put a stop to the infestation. We'll thoroughly treat your lawn to make sure that no armyworm will be left to harm your grass!

We offer both curative and preventative treatments for grub control so that your lawn can be shielded from these munching insects.

We can help fortify your property against pests like bagworms, webworms, and more!

Elite professional spraying tree with webworm treatment in Norman, OK.

To prevent spiders, cockroaches, ants, and more from taking over your property, our perimeter pest control treatment will involve ten thorough insecticide treatments throughout the year to keep up a strong barrier and keep bugs out!

If you have trees struggling with a bagworm infestation, we'll use high-pressure spray guns to completely cover their foliage and branches and eradicate the bagworms!

We'll use a similar approach to effectively target and stamp out a webworm infestation in your trees, and the earlier we catch the infestation, the better off your trees will be!

Say goodbye to itchy or painful bug bites when you fortify your property with our mosquito or flea and tick control services!

Our Lawn Care Services

The foundation of your lawn is, of course, the soil! To care for it, our team has created a soil conditioning program to ensure that the foundation is solid and healthy, running from April to October.

To help your lawn flourish, we can apply a fertilizer treatment that is comprised of nitrogen, potassium, and micronutrients to bolster the health of your grass.

If your lawn is looking bare in spots, our overseeding service – also known as fescue reseeding – can get it back in tip-top shape and looking lush!

Our professional weed control service will combat nuisances like dandelions, chickweeds, and many more common weed varieties so that you never have to worry about a weed takeover!

We offer both preventative and curative treatments for spring dead spot to help protect your lawn's health!

Call our team today to get a quote on any of our expert pest control and lawn care services!

At Elite Lawn Care, our lawn specialists are eager to help improve each property we visit, whether that's applying a protective barrier against pests or nourishing a lawn. Perpetual students of all things lawn and landscape, we're committed to learning all we can so that we can constantly improve our services and produce better results for our clients. Our services are available in Norman, OK and nearby cities. If you're a homeowner in the area, call our team today at (405) 735-1223 to get a quote for our pest control and lawn care services!