Soil conditioning and overseeding are two lawn care services that provide excellent value on their own. But together, they are the perfect pair. Overseeding involves spreading grass seeds on your lawn to encourage new growth that increases your turf's density and fills in thin areas. Soil conditioning, on the other hand, entails applying a liquid conditioner to your lawn that improves soil makeup and relieves compaction so that your grass has better access to the resources it needs to develop a strong, healthy root system.

Scheduling soil conditioning along with overseeding in the fall means your grass will reap the benefits of both of these services, resulting in a lawn that is truly elite. Continue reading to learn more about these services and what they can do for your turf in Oklahoma.

What is overseeding, and how often should you schedule it?

Professional from Elite overseeding a lawn in Yukon, OK.

Overseeding is the process of spreading new grass seeds on your lawn. It is a critical lawn care service that promotes new grass growth and eliminates bare or patchy areas in your turf. Overall, overseeding improves the density of your lawn, helping it become healthier, stronger, and better looking. Overseeding should be scheduled annually in the fall after your cool-season fescue grass has survived the summer heat and is preparing to enter its peak growing season. It is important to schedule this service every year so that you continually replenish and fortify your turf with new seedlings.

Lawn care companies sometimes refer to overseeding as fescue reseeding because it is more descriptive of the service.

What is soil conditioning, and how often should you schedule it?

Professional applying soil conditioner to a lawn in Moore, OK.

Soil conditioning is another important lawn care service that involves applying a liquid soil conditioner to your turf with a pressurized sprayer. The conditioner penetrates the soil underneath your lawn and improves its composition. Soil conditioning reduces soil compaction and allows the roots of your grass to have better access to water and growth-fueling nutrients. Ultimately, soil conditioning helps power the development of strong, healthy root systems that support lush lawns.

Soil conditioning should be scheduled a handful of times every year between the spring and early fall. This is when cool-season lawns endure the most heat stress and need assistance to remain in top condition.

Pair Soil Conditioning & Overseeding for Elite Results

Soil conditioning and overseeding are services that yield the best results for your lawn when paired. This is because soil conditioning optimizes the condition of your soil and increases the likelihood that new seedlings will grow into strong, healthy grass with deep roots. Soil conditioning and overseeding should be performed together in the fall as your cool-season lawn is getting ready to encounter favorable growth conditions. Once soil conditioning and overseeding have been completed, it is important to water and fertilize your lawn so that your new seedlings have the resources they need to take root and develop. As they do, you will experience elite results that will make you wonder why you didn't pair soil conditioning and fescue reseeding long ago.

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