In life, some things just work perfectly together. Think of pairs like peanut butter and jelly or cheese and wine. Well, in the lawn industry, that perfect pairing is lawn fertilizer and weed control. Fertilizer supplies your grass with the nutrients it needs to thrive while weed control treatments ensure that those nutrients aren’t stolen by invasive weeds. Using one without the other will hold you back from achieving a lush, green lawn!

Both services work hand in hand to keep your lawn strong and healthy, especially at the start of the growing season when weeds like dandelions are prone to spring up in Oklahoma City, OK. Keep reading to learn about the importance of pairing fertilization and weed control treatments together and how they can set your grass up for success for the entire year.

What happens when you apply fertilizer without using weed control?

Weed infested lawn with only fertilizer treatment applied in Mustang, OK.

Lawn fertilization is a key service that helps your grass grow. Fertilizer provides your grass with essential nutrients, which are used to encourage healthy growth and root development. However, weeds can use those same nutrients to grow too. They’ll take the nutrients reserved for your grass, leaving you with a lawn starving for nutrients while invasive weeds flourish. Without proper weed control, you may find yourself facing a lawn overrun with weeds instead of grass, which can bring down your curb appeal. Adding weed control to your fertilizer treatment will eliminate the competition, and your grass will get those vital nutrients to become strong and vibrant.

Fertilizer contains essential nutrients like nitrogen and potassium that keep your grass green and can help fight off pests and diseases!

What happens when you invest in weed control but don't use fertilizer?

On the other hand, if you invest in weed control without applying any fertilizer treatments, then you’ll find yourself in a less than ideal situation. Weed control will be effective at stopping weeds from growing and spreading, but your grass will be weak from the lack of nutrients. Your lawn needs these nutrients to strengthen up and fight off pests and diseases, while also handling environmental stressors like droughts and the cold. Not to mention, the nutrients found in fertilizer can help your grass recover quickly after enduring the harsher periods of the year like winter.

Choose a lawn care program that includes both fertilizer and weed control treatments.

Elite professional fertilizing lawn in Yukon, OK.

When you combine fertilizer and weed control treatments, you set your lawn up for success. Fertilizer will feed your grass the nutrients it needs to grow vibrant and healthy, while weed control will ensure that those pesky weeds won't steal those much-needed nutrients. When choosing which professional lawn care program to enroll in, make sure that it includes both fertilizer and weed control treatments throughout the spring, summer, and fall! Ideally, you'll want to choose a program that utilizes both pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments as well as a custom-blend fertilizer, created for the lawns specifically in the Oklahoma City, OK area.

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Keep your grass healthy by pairing fertilizer with weed control treatments. Combining these services will ensure your lawn will have the best shot at successfully growing by supplying it with essential nutrients while simultaneously keeping invasive weeds at bay. At Elite Lawn Care, we offer a fertilizer and weed control program that will keep your lawn healthy and protected for the entire year. We service residential properties located in Oklahoma City, OK, or a surrounding city like Edmond or Mustang. Call us today at (405) 735-1223 to enroll in our lawn fertilizer and weed control program.