Fleas and ticks can be a real nuisance here in Oklahoma. They can carry dangerous diseases that are transmitted through their bites, which is why it's important to keep them off of your property by following these 3 tips: mow your grass on a regular basis, keep your lawn free of any debris, and sign up for a professional flea and tick control service. Eliminating favorable habitats is essential, and fleas and ticks love moist, shady areas that provide cover. Mowing your lawn regularly will help prevent them from making their home in your grass. Picking up any debris on your lawn will also reduce the likelihood of fleas and ticks harboring on your property. However, the best way to ensure fleas and ticks stay off of your property is to sign up for professional flea and tick treatments.

1. Mow your grass on a regular basis.

Push mower in lawn cutting tall grass in Yukon, OK.

Fleas and ticks are attracted to tall grass and will use it to hide. It offers protection and shade, which is why regularly mowing your lawn is a great way to discourage these pesky insects from taking refuge on your property. With shorter grass, more sunlight will reach the ground. With more light and dryer conditions, ticks and fleas will be less likely to make your lawn their home. Not only will mowing your lawn keep the flea and tick population to a minimum, but it will be more aesthetically appealing, too.

2. Keep Your Lawn Free of Debris

A pile of debris for fleas and ticks to hide in near Del City, OK.

Fleas and ticks tend to love moist, dark, and shady environments, and it's important to minimize these areas on your lawn to discourage these pests from inhabiting your property. Leaves, sticks, and any other type of debris are perfect habitats that attract these pests. Actively clearing your yard of any type of debris can help lessen the opportunities for fleas and ticks to thrive on your property.

If you live next to wooded areas, you can build a barrier with dry wood chips or gravel to discourage ticks and fleas from moving onto your property.

3. Sign up for a professional flea and tick control service.

Pest control being applied to lawn in Edmond, OK.

Mowing your lawn and keeping it clear of debris are great ways to reduce the flea and tick population on your property. However, it won't eliminate all of them. The only way to ensure that your property is free of fleas and ticks is by signing up for a professional flea and tick control service. Experts will have the tools and knowledge to eradicate fleas and ticks from your property. What's more, they will come by to apply their treatments multiple times throughout the year to ensure your property is always protected.

Give us a call today to schedule our flea and tick control service.

At Elite Lawn Care, we know how imperative it is to remain vigilant against pests like fleas and ticks. With 19 years in the industry, our experts provide professional, quality services to ensure that you get the best results. Our flea and tick control service - which is composed of strong, effective ingredients - is administered 3 feet up the wall of your home and 3 feet out from it and onto the lawn. We will also come by your property 7 times to administer the treatment between February and November. This will give you constant protection from ticks and fleas, whose bites are a nuisance and can transmit dangerous diseases.

Our services are offered to residential properties in Oklahoma City, OK and surrounding areas including Edmond and Mustang. If you're ready to eradicate fleas and ticks from your property, give us a call at (405) 735-1223 to schedule our flea and tick control service.