Cockroaches can become a huge problem for homes in Oklahoma. Even though these nasty pests are hard to keep out, there are certain steps you can take to lower the chances of them finding their way indoors. One of the main reasons cockroaches love coming into your home is because of the access to an easy food source. They can feed off the smallest amount of food and liquid so it is crucial to clean up any messes as soon as they are made. It is also very important to keep your food in containers and be sure they are sealed tight so these pests don't have access to leftover food. When you're done eating, make sure you clean your dishes right away as well. While these are effective ways to keep cockroaches from coming inside your home, the best and most efficient way is to hire a professional perimeter pest control company. This service involves using effective treatments in the right spot to give you peace of mind knowing cockroaches won't come into your home.

1. Clean up any food and liquid messes immediately.

Dead cockroach by crumbs in Choctaw, OK.

You need to make your home as uninviting as possible for cockroaches by eliminating their easy access to food sources. Because cockroaches can feed off the smallest amounts of food and liquid, it is crucial to clean up any messes immediately. Leaving food crumbs or spilled drinks on floors, countertops, and tables gives roaches an easy way to access food that will leave them coming back for more. Thoroughly cleaning up food and drink messes will help keep your home safe from these nasty pests.

2. Always keep your food sealed tight in containers to deter cockroaches.

Cockroach over uncovered food on a counter in Del City, OK.

To prevent cockroaches from reaching the food you have in your house, always keep food sealed in containers tightly. Any boxes with leftovers or bags filled with snacks should be completely sealed shut so roaches have no access to them. Once cockroaches realize they aren't able to reach your food supply, they will eventually go somewhere else and stay away from your home.

Be sure to keep pet food in tightly sealed containers!

3. Make sure to clean your dirty dishes right away.

Dead cockroaches found over a counter in Mustang, OK.

Food and the odor from dirty dishes are appealing to cockroaches and can attract them to your home. Once dirty dishes start to pile up, so do the chances of roaches appearing more frequently. Washing your dishes as soon as you're done eating will help to eliminate the risk of cockroaches finding their way into your home.

4. Schedule a perimeter pest control service to block cockroaches from finding their way indoors.

Perimeter pest control treatment applied around a home in Oklahoma City, OK.

Although cleaning up food, storing food properly, and cleaning dirty dishes are helpful ways to deter cockroaches from coming inside your home, a perimeter pest control program is more effective and will provide guaranteed results. This service includes ongoing pest control treatments that are meant to block cockroaches as well as other pests like ants. These treatments are applied around the foundation of your home to ensure there are no spots where roaches can sneak in.

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If you are encountering cockroach problems in your home, schedule our perimeter pest control treatments today. We use our thorough pest control products to keep roaches out of your personal space. These treatments are on a rotating schedule, meaning our crew will be back to re-spray your property before the product wears off. This ensures that your home is protected at all times.

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