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Webworm Treatment

You have worked hard to ensure that you have a beautiful lush green lawn and healthy trees, then the Webworms show up. Webworms eat away at your treess and lush green lawn turning your perfectly manicured lawn into a bunch of brown patches.

So how do you prevent them? You can’t. They are just common moths that fly over your lawn that lay clusters of eggs that hatch and quickly destroy your once beautiful lawn and trees if not treated. Webworms are small caterpillars that feed on healthy trees and lawns during the heat of the summer. Typically during July, August, and September here in Oklahoma City.

What are Webworms?

These pest are 3/4″ to 1″ long and light green in color. They can destroy significant amounts of your tree or lawn almost overnight. They look like tiny caterpillars but are difficult to see and typically hide in the soil or on tree foliage. The moths that lay the eggs fly close to the grass in late afternoon or around trees. Sod webworms chew off the grass blades in your lawn and can have a similar appearance to cutting the lawn with dull lawn mower blades. Tree webworms create webs and expand into the tree foliage until they turn in to white moths.

Sod webworms start as an egg laid by an adult moth.  The eggs hatch into caterpillars that are about an inch in length.  These brown and green caterpillars eat healthy lawns for survival. The caterpillars eventually become adult moths and the cycle starts all over again.

How Do I Know I Have Sod Webworms?

  • Check for brown spots or uneven, jagged edged lengths of grass in your lawn
  • Lawns are most commonly attacked by sod webworms but they can feed in other types of vegetation as well.
  • White spots on grass blades indicate that young sod webworm caterpillars are present
  • Look for small, brownish-gray moths flying around in the late afternoon

I Have Sod Webworms, What Should I do?

You need to get your lawn treated immediately! Webworm damage can occur quickly and often times is severe. Many times it is mistaken for under watering or heat damage. If you keep your lawn well irrigated and consistently have your lawn fertilized, your lawn is less likely to have significant damage. At Elite Lawn Care our lawn fertilization and weed control services build a strong root system that creates a thick healthy lawn that is resistant to webworm damage. Our pest control services also help keep these summer pests from destroying your lawn.



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