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Soil Conditioning Services In Oklahoma City

Soil conditioning is essential for a healthy lawn.Soil conditioning services not only reduces soil compaction, but it also helps the lawn to absorb more water, nutrients, and minerals.

The traditional mechanical core aeration services provided by most lawn care companies is no longer the best way to condition your lawn. With core aeration the aeration machine removes plugs of grass and soil from the ground using metal plugs from approximately 20% of the turf area, leaving 80% undisturbed. These areas of undisturbed soil are not the ideal solution for reduced soil compaction and increased water absorption in the lawn.

Our revolutionary soil conditioning treatment applied by our professionally trained team at Elite Lawn Care gives your lawn a soil conditioning treatment like never before. The soil conditioning we use is a special liquid formula that is applied using a pressurized sprayer and creates microscopic pores in the soil. Some of the advantages of our soil conditioning treatment include:

  • Increases Soil Compaction Reduction: Instead of poking holes in 20% of your lawn, soil conditioning opens up tiny holes throughout your lawn to reduce compaction across 100% of your lawn.
  • Increased Water Retention: After soil conditioning the soil in your lawn acts like a sponge. The soil retains and distributes water more evenly and deeper into the soil when compared to core aeration.
  • Reduces Water Usage: Because soil conditioning allows your soil to efficiently hold more water than ever before, the soil doesn’t dry out as quickly and promotes deeper root growth. This means you can water your lawn less frequently.
  • Deeper Stronger Roots: By reducing the soil compaction, increasing oxygen levels, nutrients and water retention in the soil encourages your roots to be healthier by allowing them to grow deeper into the soil.
  • Eco-Friendly: Our soil conditioning is a biodegradable material and is safe for use around children and pets.


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