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Call Ahead Policy

Safety is Our Standard

We will come to your property on a regular treatment schedule unannounced unless you request to be notified. If you live in a gated community that requires a code to enter, or have a gate that is locked, please let us know ahead of time. For the safety of our staff please let us know if you have a pet on property even if it is an inside dog. There could be a time that we are treating the lawn and you need to let the dog use the restroom and we don’t want anyone getting bit by mistake. We will add you to the call ahead schedule as well. The way this works is we will send you an email the day before service to notify you we are going to be on the property the following day. Simply reply to the email or text “CONFIRMED” and we will get you on schedule. If we do not receive a response to the email we will give you a phone call around 4 PM the day before service for verbal confirmation. If we contact you but there is no request to reschedule or skip treatment, we will come out to treat the property if it is accessible.

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