Lawn fertilization treatments are crucial to ensure your grass always has the nutrients it needs to thrive. For lawns in Oklahoma City, OK, the perfect lawn fertilization schedule involves one treatment in the spring, three applications of lawn fertilizers in the summer, and another one in the fall. Fertilizing your lawn in the spring helps your grass green up quickly after the winter season and it also helps prepare your lawn for the summer heat. By fertilizing your lawn three times in the summer, you'll be giving it the nutrients it needs to make it through this hot season. Lastly, fertilizing your lawn in the fall allows your turf to recuperate from the summer heat and get ready for winter dormancy. Keep reading to learn more about why this is the perfect lawn fertilization schedule for your turf.

Fertilize your lawn once in the spring to give it a boost during the growing season.

Fertilizer being added to lawn through a spreader in Harrah, OK.

The spring season is a season of rebirth for your lawn as it slowly comes out of winter dormancy. Giving your lawn one fertilization treatment in the spring will help your grass green up after its winter slumber so it can start the new growing season off on the right foot.

A lawn fertilization treatment in the spring will also supply your grass with much-needed nutrients to help it prepare for the hot and stressful summer weather. Your lawn needs to have a full supply of nutrients heading into the summer season to be able to withstand the heat, and a fertilization treatment will give your lawn just what it needs.

Lawn Fertilization Treatments in the Summer Help Your Grass Endure the Heat

Nutrients found in fertilizer in Bethany, OK.

The summer heat can take a huge toll on the health of your lawn in Oklahoma City, OK. You'll want to give your grass 3 lawn fertilization treatments in the summer to ensure your grass has a steady supply of nutrients to last through this taxing season!

An application in early summer ensures your grass has a supply of much-needed nutrients to withstand the heat. You'll want to fertilize your lawn again in mid-summer to replenish the nutrients your grass has already used up so it can continue to go through the summer season in tip-top shape. As the summer season wraps up, one more application of lawn fertilizer in late summer is essential to replenish the nutrients that it used up.

Lawn fertilizers contain essential nutrients, including nitrogen and potassium.

A fall lawn fertilization treatment will help your lawn recover from the summer and prepare it for the winter.

As your lawn gets out of the stressful summer season, you'll want to give your grass another lawn fertilization treatment in the fall to help it recover from the summer stress. This treatment will replenish the nutrients your lawn consumed during the summer. What's more, this fall fertilization treatment will also give your lawn the nutrients that it will need to make it through the winter season.

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