One of the most important aspects of cultivating a healthy lawn is ensuring the soil is in excellent condition to encourage and sustain robust grass growth. Soil conditioning and core aeration are two lawn care services that can improve the health of your grass by loosening compacted soil and ensuring the roots of your grass can access much-needed nutrients and resources.

While both of these services provide similar benefits, soil conditioning is the better option for lawns in Oklahoma for a few reasons. When compared to core aeration, soil conditioning is less invasive, it can be performed multiple times per year, and it provides excellent health benefits without leaving cores of soil on your turf that can detract from your curb appeal!

Soil conditioning is less invasive than core aeration.

Core aerator in lawn in Bethany, OK.

Aerating your lawn through core aeration involves pulling plugs of soil from the ground, which can disrupt the root system of your grass. Soil conditioning is different. It is far less invasive than core aeration because it involves applying a liquid treatment on your lawn using a pressurized spraying tool, thus loosening up the soil without having to uproot any soil.

Both methods will give you similar benefits, which include relieving soil compaction and improving your lawn's access to nutrients and vital resources. However, soil conditioning can give you these benefits without causing stress on your turf.

Soil Conditioning Can Be Performed Multiple Times a Year

Soil compaction knows no season. Whether the spring has just set in or it's the middle of the summer, your soil can get compacted for multiple reasons, and you'll want to address it right away so your grass can always access vital nutrients and resources. That's where soil conditioning stands out. Soil conditioning can be performed multiple times a year because it is less invasive. Core aeration can only be done when the conditions are ideal for your lawn's strength so it can tolerate the process. This means core aeration can only be done once a year.

Pair soil conditioning and overseeding in the fall to enjoy thicker grass with good access to vital nutrients!

Soil conditioning won't leave unappealing cores of soil on your lawn.

Elite worker spraying lawn with soil conditioner in Edmond, OK.

Both soil conditioning and core aeration aim to strengthen your lawn and make it look more beautiful. However, core aeration can do precisely the opposite of that in the short term. Core aeration creates holes in the ground and leaves unappealing cores of soil on your lawn, making your lawn look messy, which affects your curb appeal in a negative way. These cores will eventually break down and you'll be left with a strong, healthy lawn; however, you will get the same results from soil conditioning without having to deal with the short-term decrease in your property's curb appeal. Soil conditioning is a liquid treatment that is sprayed across your whole lawn, allowing soil compaction to be addressed without having to pull out the cores.

Improve the soil on your lawn with our soil conditioning service. Call us today to schedule the treatments!

If you want to achieve a thriving lawn throughout the year, your soil must be in optimum condition to help grow robust turf and sustain your grass's healthy growth. Here at Elite Lawn Care, we offer a professional soil conditioning service to residential properties in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Mustang, and Moore, as well as nearby areas in Oklahoma.

When you schedule this service, we will visit your property five times a year from May through October to apply our liquid treatment. This will address soil compaction, improve nutrient uptake, and promote stronger roots, setting your lawn up for long-term success. Call us today at (405) 735-1223 to schedule our soil conditioning service!