Weeds have no place on your lawn. Aside from detracting from your curb appeal, weeds will steal nutrients from your grass. To ensure this doesn't happen, you need pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments. Pre-emergent weed control is your lawn's first line of defense against weeds. These treatments prevent weeds from emerging on your lawn by creating a barrier on your soil that they can't break through.

Some weeds are more persistent than others, and you need post-emergent treatments to combat weeds that have emerged. When you equip your lawn with these two treatments, you can feel confident that your property in Oklahoma will be completely free of lawn weeds! Keep reading to learn more about pre- and post-emergent weed control and why your grass needs both.

What is pre-emergent weed control?

Pre-emergent treated lawn in Choctaw, OK.

Pre-emergent weed control treatments are designed to kill weeds before they sprout and become a headache on your lawn. This herbicide works by creating a protective barrier in your soil that prevents weeds from sprouting. When weed seeds begin to germinate and progress, they will continue to grow and reach a particular layer in the ground where the pre-emergent herbicides sit. The chemicals will then interrupt the weeds' growth process and eventually kill them.

When applying pre-emergent weed control, timing is critical. The best time to treat your lawn with pre-emergent herbicides is in the spring before these unwanted plants start emerging. When applied too late, the weeds might be well on their way to breaking the soil surface and sprouting their ugly heads on your turf. Some weeds have a different life cycle, and your lawn might need another application sometime in the year. For your peace of mind, contact a lawn care team to have them apply pre-emergent treatments as they'll know the right time to apply them!

Many professional weed control programs also include fertilizer treatments to supply lawns with essential nutrients.

Post-Emergent Weed Control & How It Eliminates Existing Weeds

If you already see stubborn weeds on your lawn, you need only one thing: post-emergent weed control. This treatment is designed to eliminate the existing weeds on your lawn before they take over and crowd out your grass. You might also need to apply post-emergent treatments several times a year. This is because some weeds are just persistent and relentless and can continue to appear even after you've treated your lawn already.

Pre- & Post-Emergent Weed Control Treatments Will Keep Your Lawn Weed-Free

Weed free lawn after treatments done by Elite in Harrah, OK.

As a responsible steward of your lawn, you will want it to be weed-free throughout the year. This way, your grass won't have to spend its energy competing with weeds for nutrients instead of focusing on growing strong and vibrant. You can achieve a weed-free lawn by incorporating both pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments into your lawn care regimen.

Pre-emergent herbicides ensure weeds don't emerge on your property in the first place, so you won't have to deal with them. If some weeds survive the pre-emergent treatments, post-emergent herbicides will take over to eliminate those that managed to sprout. Together, they work to keep your property free from pesky weeds!

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One way to keep your lawn in its best health is to get rid of weeds that steal nutrients and compete for space. At Elite Lawn Care, we offer a weed control program that includes both pre- and post-emergent treatments. We offer this program to homeowners in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Mustang, OK and nearby areas. Give us a call today at (405) 735-1223 to schedule our weed control treatments. We look forward to working with you!