Everyone's dream lawn is thick, dense, and full of durable green grass. Fortunately, your dream lawn can be a reality with overseeding! Overseeding is the process of spreading new seeds over your lawn to thicken it and promote healthy, new grass growth. It will fill in any bare or patchy areas on your lawn with durable, resilient grass that can fight off stressors like lawn diseases, insects, weeds, and more! Because lawns in Oklahoma consist of cool-season grasses, it's best to schedule this service in the fall; the cooler fall weather will encourage faster seed germination and establishment. It will also help to prepare your lawn for the winter; a dense turf is better equipped to survive the winter season. With overseeding, you can enhance the health and appearance of your lawn, giving it the best chance of success.

Overseeding Will Fill in Any Bare or Patchy Areas on Your Lawn

A bare patch in lawn filled with overseeding seeds in Choctaw, OK.

Bare and patchy areas on your lawn are a sign of impaired health and can be caused by a variety of reasons, including lawn diseases, insect infestations, and high foot traffic. If your lawn has fallen victim to any of these, overseeding will fill in those spots with new, healthy grass! By filling in your lawn with new grass, you can help it regain its strength while also increasing its curb appeal. A healthy, full lawn is an attractive one!

A thick, strong lawn is better able to stand up to stressors like diseases, insects, weeds, and more.

Enhancing the look of your lawn isn't the only benefit that comes with overseeding. When you overseed your lawn, you will be thickening it up, which can help crowd out weeds so they can't get a foothold in your yard. What's more, a thick, strong lawn will be able to stand up to stressors like insect infestations, lawn diseases, and more so there will be less of a chance of these things affecting your lawn and causing damage.

Spring Dead Spot is a pervasive lawn disease common in Oklahoma that causes patchy, white spots and harms the roots of your grass.

Schedule Overseeding in the Fall to Help Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Professional conditioning soil with treatment in Oklahoma City, OK.

Lawns in our area consist of cool-season grasses, which thrive and do most of their growing during the cooler weather. Fall is the best time to schedule overseeding for your lawn because it provides ideal temperatures that encourage faster seed germination and root establishment. This ensures that your lawn becomes thick and full before the winter season; with grass going dormant in the winter, a dense turf becomes the battle armor that protects it from the snow, cold weather, diseases, and other stressors that it may face.

Pairing overseeding with soil conditioning will help your new seeds thrive by providing them with better access to essential resources and nutrients.

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If you're looking for a company to overseed your lawn, you've come to the right place! At Elite Lawn Care, we offer our overseeding - or fescue reseeding - service in conjunction with our fertilization and weed control program to ensure that you get the best results. If your lawn is suffering from bare or patchy areas, overseeding is a great opportunity to thicken it and restore its health.

We offer our overseeding service to homeowners in and around Oklahoma City, Edmond, and Mustang, OK. If you're ready to reap the benefits of overseeding, give us a call today at (405) 735-1223 to schedule our overseeding service. We look forward to working with you to help you enhance the health and appearance of your lawn!