Because grub damage doesn't typically appear here in Oklahoma until the late summer, it might seem a bit early to worry about preventative grub control. However, due to the life cycle of grubs, preventative measures need to be taken as early as April. By investing in preventative grub treatments now, you will save yourself money on curative treatments and restorative lawn care in the future. Preventative grub control treatments are usually applied in the spring in order to combat grub development. If you decide to pursue preventative grub control this season, be sure to contact your local lawn care professionals to apply them for you.

Preventative grub control treatments will save you money in the long run.

Grub damage found in lawn in Midwest City, OK.

Investing in preventative grub control treatments now instead of waiting until the summertime can actually save you money in the long run. This is because preventative grub control treatments are designed to stop grubs from developing and having the chance to become a problem in the first place. By stopping grubs at the source, you can prevent them from ever causing damage to your lawn. This will save you from having to purchase curative grub control treatments to eradicate a grub infestation on your property. It will also save you from having to pay for all of the lawn care treatments you would need to nurse your lawn back to health following a grub infestation.

When are preventative grub control treatments applied?

The best time of the year to apply preventative grub control treatments is in April or May. This is because grubs start becoming active in the late spring and early summer. Once the ground warms up and the grubs grow bigger, they will start to feed on more of your lawn and cause even more damage throughout the summer season; that is why most people start noticing grub damage on their lawn in the late summer. By applying preventative grub control treatments in April or May, you can combat grub development before the grubs have the chance to cause harm to your lawn.

Call your local lawn care professionals to apply preventative grub control for you.

Professional applying grub control preventative treatment to lawn in Mustang, OK.

Grubs are tiny pests that can cause huge problems for your lawn and your wallet. The best way to prevent them from damaging your turf is to place your lawn in the hands of trusted lawn care professionals. The experts have access to top-of-the-line preventative grub control treatments and will know exactly how to treat your lawn properly. If you try to take preventative grub control into your own hands, there is always a chance that you could apply the treatment incorrectly and potentially damage your lawn; that would cost you more to fix in the long run than just calling the professionals to treat your lawn in the first place. Do yourself and your turf a favor and contact your local lawn care experts to protect your property from harmful grubs this season.

Grubs are a huge issue here in Oklahoma, so schedule your preventative treatments before they get booked up!

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Nobody wants to have to deal with the expensive damage that grubs can cause to their turf. To save you from having to deal with that, our team here at Elite Lawn Care offers preventative grub control treatments that will protect your lawn from harmful grubs. For the last 19 years, we have offered these treatments to the residential property owners in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Mustang, and surrounding cities in Oklahoma. If you are interested in keeping your lawn safe from grub damage this season, give us a call at (405) 735-1223 to schedule our preventative grub control treatments today!