Lawn fertilizer contains a wide variety of nutrients that are utilized to help your grass grow and be healthy. However, there are two specific nutrients found in fertilizer that are considered far more important than the rest. Those nutrients are nitrogen and potassium. Nitrogen is instrumental in fueling grass growth, while potassium is key in boosting your lawn's resistance to various things like diseases and pests. In Oklahoma, it’s important to create a fixed schedule throughout the year to constantly supply your grass with both of these essential nutrients. By providing your lawn with nitrogen and potassium throughout the year, you can ensure your grass will keep growing and be strong enough to withstand some of the harsher seasons.

Nitrogen helps you establish a vibrant and dense lawn.

Granular nitrogen pellets for fertilizer in Edmond, OK.

Nitrogen is considered the most important nutrient that your grass needs. To put it simply, nitrogen helps your grass grow. This nutrient is responsible for forming proteins, which can lead to a dense and more vibrant lawn. Grass with a healthy supply of nitrogen will develop strong roots too, thereby boosting its resistance to environmental conditions and preventing discoloring and wilting.

Potassium increases your lawn’s resistance to diseases and environmental changes.

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Potassium is second only to nitrogen in terms of importance. Potassium is used by your grass to increase its resistance to diseases and pests, making it more resilient and able to recover faster from any damage. Potassium also improves your lawn's stress tolerance to environmental changes. This helps your lawn endure harsher weather conditions like droughts and cold weather. Potassium also has a hand in strengthening the roots of your grass along with nitrogen, making both nutrients integral to maintaining a healthy lawn.

How often should nitrogen and potassium be applied to your lawn?

Now that you know that nitrogen and potassium are the most important nutrients in your fertilizer, it's time to consider how often these nutrients should be applied. It's important to develop a lawn fertilization schedule to ensure your lawn receives a constant supply of these nutrients year-round. The first treatment should be applied in the spring to help your grass recover from winter dormancy and promote healthy growth. Then three separate treatments should be made in the summer to help your grass combat the intense heat.

Administer the first summer treatment at the beginning of the season to help thicken your grass and prepare it for the upcoming heatwave. Apply the second treatment in the middle of summer to provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to continue to grow and survive. And then the third summer treatment should be done toward the end of the season to replenish those nutrients and help your grass recover from the heat. Once summer is over, schedule one final fertilizer treatment in the fall. This last treatment for the year is intended to strengthen the root system of your grass to prepare it for the upcoming winter.

Pair fertilizer treatments with weed control to ensure your grass isn't competing with weeds for nutrients like nitrogen and potassium!

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