Ouch — it's that time of year again. For Oklahoma residents, May weather brings spring showers, warmer weather, and more than 60 different species of mosquitoes. You might find lots of itchy, red bumps on your arms and legs after being outside on your lawn, making it hard to enjoy the outdoors. To prevent mosquitoes from continuing to prick, you can prepare by wearing loose, thick clothing like jeans and sweatpants. By strategically picking outfits based on fabric, you can prevent mosquitoes from penetrating your clothing and skin. Mosquito repellants such as certain candles offer further protection by driving insects away. While these tips do help significantly reduce the chances of getting bit, professional mosquito control treatments are the best way to "shoo" mosquitoes away from your home or business. Geared with foggers, specialists trek your lawn to treat your property with insecticides multiple times a year, kicking mosquitoes out for good.

Trade your spandex for denim to reduce the chances of mosquito bites.

Mosquito bites shown on a child in Edmond, OK.

Female mosquitoes have a mouth part called a proboscis that pierces skin and clothing to find blood vessels. Avoid itchy bites by picking your wardrobe carefully. Here are a couple of wardrobe choices you can make to reduce the chances of getting bitten by mosquitoes:

  • Wear loose, long clothing. Loose clothing hangs off the body and uses a lot of fabric, preventing mosquitoes from biting.
  • Search your closet for thick clothing. Denim, wool, and other thick fabrics offer protection because mosquitoes can't get through.
  • Spandex, leggings, yoga pants, and other skin-tight clothing make you vulnerable. Thin, stretchy fabrics are easily penetrated and offer little protection.
  • Avoid having a lot of bare skin. To prevent mosquito bites, you should wear long sleeves and long pants to hide your skin.
  • Ditch the dark and bold colors. Instead, wear light-colored clothing.

Use repellants to keep mosquitoes far away.

Insects like mosquitoes use their sight and smell to gravitate toward humans. They are equipped with sensory receptors that help identify a body's heat and scent. However, if you can apply a repellant before enjoying time on your property, you can avoid mosquito bites.

Repellant exists as sprays, wipes, and candles. Candles are a good option if you want to avoid getting the product on your skin and clothes. You can place mosquito-repellant candles, like a citronella candle, in areas you frequent to deter mosquitoes by blocking their senses.

Before using a repellant, make sure the product contains EPA-registered active ingredients like DEET. DEET, picaridin, lemon eucalyptus, and other EPA-registered insect repellants underwent testing and passed, so we know they work. These ingredients cover the scent of human sweat and block mosquito sensory receptors.

Professional treatments are the best way to get mosquitoes off your property.

Lawn worker spraying mosquito control over yard in Oklahoma City, OK.

Although wearing dark clothing and repellants can help, professional mosquito control treatments are the best way to protect yourself, your family, and your friends from bites and illness. Professional mosquito control treatments give you this option by decreasing the number of mosquitoes on your property altogether.

Licensed specialists use backpack foggers to spray your property with insecticides. Foggers work by turning insecticide into vapor. The droplets then hang in the air over a large area, killing mosquitoes.

Mosquito control treatments need to happen regularly during mosquito season for long-term protection.

Call us today to schedule a mosquito control treatment to rid your property of mosquitoes.

Don't let mosquitoes ruin your summertime fun. Schedule mosquito control treatments by calling us at (405) 735-1223. At Elite Lawn Care, we focus on decreasing the number of mosquitoes on your property. Our licensed professionals service Oklahoma City, Edmond, Mustang, and other surrounding areas in Central Oklahoma. Our specialists use backpack foggers and target the entire property. We spray the insecticides five times from May to September during mosquito season, creating long-lasting protection. This lets you focus on more important things, like your next barbeque.