Lawn pests in Oklahoma can cause extensive damage to your grass. Some of the common types we see in our area include grubs and bermudagrass mites. After these insects make their way through your lawn, it is usually clear that your lawn needs a little TLC. The impact of lawn insects can be remedied with lawn care services. It is best to schedule soil conditioning, lawn fertilization, and overseeding services immediately to nurse your grass back to health.

Soil conditioning will help loosen compacted soil and ensure the roots of your grass can access vital nutrients. Lawn fertilization treatments supply your grass with much-needed nutrients that will bolster its health to help it recover from stress and damage. Lastly, overseeding will fill in any dead or bare patches on your lawn with new, healthy grass.

1. Soil Conditioning

Soil conditioner being applied to lawn by Elite worker in Oklahoma City, OK.

Lawns damaged by insects should have easy access to nutrients and other vital resources so they can recuperate and thrive again. To do this, you need to schedule a soil conditioning service to address soil compaction. The process of soil conditioning creates pores in the soil to help break up compaction and allow nutrients to easily reach the roots of your grass. When the roots of your grass can easily access the nutrients and resources it needs to boost your lawn's health, you can expect your turf to grow strong again and recover from insect damage.

2. Lawn Fertilization

Fertilizer being applied by Elite worker in Mustang, OK.

While a soil conditioning service drastically improves the access your roots have to nutrients, it won't help much if there aren't enough nutrients in your soil. Lawn fertilization is a vital lawn care service that will supply your grass with the right amount of nutrients to help it thrive after lawn insect damage. Nitrogen, potassium, and micronutrients will help your grass turn emerald green again while supplying it with the strength to bounce back from damage and stand strong against any future damage.

Granular fertilizer will provide a slow release of nutrients, ensuring that your grass doesn't get too much at once and has a long-term supply, as opposed to liquid fertilizer that supplies all the nutrients at once.

It's best to pair lawn fertilization with weed control treatments to ensure your grass will not spend its energy competing with weeds for essential nutrients.

3. Overseeding

Patchy lawn having seeds added by professional in Mustang, OK.

Most lawn insects will not only weaken your grass but also leave it patchy and a sight for sore eyes. There's no need to fret! Overseeding can help restore the lush appearance your turf once had. This lawn care service involves spreading grass seeds on your existing turf to promote fresh, new growth. The new growth will fill in the bare patches on your lawn and give you fuller, thicker, and healthier turf!

If soil conditioning is performed before overseeding, the seeds will have much better seed-to-soil contact.

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If insects left your lawn damaged and unappealing, there's no better way to help it recover than to schedule soil conditioning, lawn fertilization, and overseeding services. These lawn care services will give your turf everything it needs to flourish while revitalizing its appearance so that you can enjoy a vibrant and lush lawn again.

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