Pests always seem to find a way into homes in Oklahoma, and whenever they do, it feels like they're invading your personal space. You may think you need to take matters into your own hands and apply perimeter pest control around your house, but we're here to tell you that doing this yourself can be a waste of time and money. For one, you might not know the appropriate areas to apply the treatments, potentially leaving gaps in your coverage. You also might not be using the right product for the job, and bugs will still be able to find their way into your home as a result. And finally, you'll need to remember to keep applying treatments throughout the year for it to remain effective. If you get busy and forget, then the treatment will wear off. Instead of worrying about all these things and potentially wasting your time and money, you should hire a professional pest control company to apply perimeter pest control around your home!

You'll need to know where to apply pest control treatments.

A professional applying perimeter pest control treatment to a home in Midwest City, OK.

If you decide to apply perimeter pest control treatments on your own, you'll have to know what areas to treat for it to be effective. If you don't know how to identify key entry points, pests will still find a way inside. You'll then have to spend time trying to find out how they're getting in, and if you do find it, then you'll need to apply more treatments in that new area. Scheduling a professional perimeter pest control treatment will eliminate this problem for you. Pest control companies have the expertise to successfully identify where to apply any treatments to keep your home protected from any invasive pests.

Some perimeter pest control programs will include a lawn treatment to provide an extra layer of protection!

You might not be using the right pest control product.

Using the appropriate treatment on your property is vital to effective pest control. The problem is that there are so many products out there that you can choose from, so it can be hard to know which one will work best. For example, if you use a product that only works against ants, other insects can still find their way inside, meaning you'll have to spend more time and money going back and applying more treatments around your home. When hiring a professional pest control company, you're getting experts with the knowledge and tools to administer the correct product on your property. Most of their treatments will work on many different pests, meaning you'll be less likely to encounter insects inside after the company treats your home!

You'll have to remember to apply perimeter pest control treatments throughout the year.

Ants crawling back into home after pesticide worn off in Mustang, OK.

While many pest control products can effectively keep pests out of your home, their potency doesn't last forever. You'll need to continuously apply treatments throughout the year to keep your home protected. And if you end up forgetting to apply a treatment, then you can end up seeing pests inside of your home again. By signing up for a perimeter pest control program, you can rest easy knowing that your property will receive regular treatments to ensure there will never be a lapse in coverage and your home will be protected throughout the year.

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