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Live Holiday Trees

Live Holiday Trees TIPS FOR CARE AND PLANTING Live holiday trees are a great way to protect our natural resources while keeping memories of the holiday season going for years to come! Tree selection The first step is to visit a nursery or tree farm and ask for a tree...

Winter Landscapes Can Be Beautiful Too!

Winter Landscapes Can Be Beautiful Too! Gray skies and gloomy weather are the norm for most of the winter season, but that doesn’t mean your property needs to look drab. You can easily add some “cold-weather flair” to your landscape with the right plantings this fall....

Watering the Right Way

Watering the Right Way Good watering practices can make a big difference in the looks and health of your lawn. Plus, by encouraging healthier growth, you’ll be improving your turf’s ability to stand up to insects, disease, and stressful summer weather. Even though we...

Your Trees Could Be Under Attack!!!

Your Trees Could Be Under Attack!!! Do your trees look like this? The adult moth lays her eggs on the underside of leaves in ‘hair’-covered clusters of a few hundred. Eggs hatch in about a week. Female moths cannot fly but the larvae can disperse. Very...

A Quenching Soak

A Quenching Soak During the hot days of summer, watering your lawn seems like an obvious necessity. It is crucial to remember that your method of watering can be just as important as the fact that you are watering at all. In the middle of a hot, dry summer, getting...