Oklahoma City's Leading Weed Control and Fertilization Solution

Elite Lawn Care, Oklahoma City's leading fertilizer and weed free experts, are dedicated to giving you lush, thick, weed-free lawns. For residential and commercial weed control and fertilization, call Elite Lawn Care today. Below is our multi-step program where we incorporate our pre-emergent, balanced time-released fertilizer, and slow-released granular fertilizer to keep your home or office looking green year-round. 

Our package includes 3 pre-emergent rounds and 4 fertilizer rounds for maximum weed control and nutrition year round. We provide post emergent for every weed every treatment. 




Once the summer months begin to roll around, Elite Lawn Care will begin a new fertilizer regimen while continuing our weed control treatments. Our early summer fertilizer has a high concentration of nitrogen to stimulate a green and wholesome lawn. As the temperature hits their highs, we will continue applying a thick layer of a well-balanced fertilizer to maintain growth until the end of growing season. We would also recommend an additional grub worm treatment to prevent pest damage to grass roots.  


In the spring months, our crew will start treating your lawn with a pre-emergent herbicide to control those unwanted winter weeds and prevent summer broadleaf weeds. Our pre-emergent attacks your soil’s top layer to eliminate the chance of any new development.  As well as our pre-emergent treatment, Elite will distribute a mixed fertilizer that will continue to nourish your lawn and foster root growth throughout the spring and early summer months.  


Even though its not the prime growing season, it is important to treat your lawn in the late fall and early winter months with a weed treatment that repels any germination. Keeping your yard pristine in the summer starts with our winterizing fertilizer. It has the perfect solution for the winter. It has almost zero nitrogen because too much nitrogen before winter dormancy may cause disease, such as a dollar spot or spring dead spot, once it returns from its dormancy. Lessening the nitrogen content and raising the potassium content helps the turf to develop root system which will also help prevent disease conditions.