Elite Lawn Care are experts in Oklahoma City's commercial and residential lawn care. Whether you have fine fescue, tall fescue, or bluegrass, it's paramount that you over seed your grass. Elite Lawn Care provides affordable over seeding services for your lawn allowing it to look lush and green in the warmer months.  

Over seeding your lawn can drastically improve the quality of your lawn. It can be recommended for many types of grasses, allowing for thicker, greener grass. Get the best results in the late summer or early fall.

For both commercial and residential lawn care, over seeding lawns in the fall reduces competition from other summer weedy grasses, such as crab grass, foxtails, and other weeds. Spoil temperatures are better for grass growth. Over seeding lawns in the fall gives the grass a head start. The roots have become established before winter, which greatly reduces crop loss should you have a hot, dry spring. Stressed fescue has to be every year to maintain a thick heavy lawn.

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