Do you wish you could enjoy your evening on the patio without the worry of being eaten alive by mosquitos? We can help! Our Mosquito Control Program takes care of all stages of the mosquito life cycle. We combine the top of the line chemicals Demand CS insecticide and Archer insect growth regulator to give complete defense for up to 60 days!

 Mosquito life cycle

Mosquitoes have a four phase life cycle which can take four days to a month to complete with the female adult mosquito living up to eight weeks.

 mosquito eggs

EGGS: Eggs are laid typically in still water. The dirtier the water the better for the mosquito vitality. One female mosquito can lay 300 eggs in a teaspoon of water.

mosquito larva.jpg

LARVA: The larva lives in water and comes to the surface to breathe using siphon tubes while hanging upside down. During this phase, larvae feed on organic material in the water.

PUPA: Looking like tumblers the pupae flip through the water using their tails. A pupa does not eat. Eventually its skin splits and an adult mosquito emerges.

mosquito adult.jpg

ADULT: The adult mosquito lays on the surface until its body dries out and wings harden. In two to three days the adult mosquito is ready for her first blood meal and to find a mate.

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