The holiday season is fast approaching! Time to get a jump on the decorating process!!


Let us help make your holiday season merry and BRIGHT! Elite Lawn Care has been putting holiday lights up for years and there is always high demand for professional holiday light installations.We know energy efficiency is important to our clients so we install LED lights, which use considerably less electricity than incandescent lights. One incandescent bulb draws anywhere from 5-9 watts while an LED bulb draws less than 1 watt.The wattage for incandescent bulbs does not seem too crazy until you consider that there are a couple hundred bulbs per house, and an electric bill can be tripled from the average use. Also, about 90% of the energy produced by incandescent lights is released as heat, which is why they are a fire hazard.

LED lights are more energy efficient, durable and last longer than any incandescent lights. We only use commercial-grade LED lights that are much brighter than the standard selection at big box stores. They do not give off heat, so you eliminate the risk of being burnt and more energy is used for illumination. Also, LED lights can last for years, minimizing the need to purchase new bulbs or spend the time to replace them.The high-grade commercial lights we use are cut to fit your roof lines and peaks. We measure out the length of the roof lines and customize each strand of lights for your specific property. These lights are made with an extremely strong plastic that makes them almost unbreakable. They have five filaments in them instead of the 1-2 filaments you would get at retail locations.

To really “bring it home” with your holiday decorating, we can wrap your tree trunks and tops as tight or as loose as you like for an even more spectacular effect! We will work with you to select your lights from many colors and styles to create the look you desire. We also supply our own extension cord that is so small it can easily be hidden in sidewalk seams so no one sees the pesky big orange cord running from your outlet to your roof.We purchase the specific color(s) of lights requested by our clients, install and uninstall the lights ourselves with no added cost for labor. We will also store the lights for the next year or we can put them in large plastic tubs which can be stored in your attic, whichever you prefer.Professional holiday light installers take away the serious burden and the potential hazard of falling off ladders or roofs from home owners preparing for the holidays. The last thing any parent or grandparent needs during the holidays is a trip to the emergency room. We are insured and take the safety of our team very seriously. We have developed safety procedures over the years for our clients with steep rooftops.There are so many benefits to having your lights professionally installed. If you’re ready to see what the fuss is about,give us a call and we will provide you with a quote and get you on the schedule. Then you can just sit back, enjoy a beautifully designed light display without doing any of the work, and spend your time partaking in the festivities of the season.