A Quenching Soak

During the hot days of summer, watering your lawn seems like an obvious necessity. It is crucial to remember that your method of watering can be just as important as the fact that you are watering at all.

In the middle of a hot, dry summer, getting the grass blades wet will not do the trick. A proper watering means soaking your lawn enough that water reaches the roots. When this happens your turf is able to absorb valuable moisture that helps keep it green and healthy amid stressful summer heat. When the ground is hard and dry, short, heavy waterings will lead to runoff as opposed to absorption. Longer periods of slow water flow are the most effective strategy – even if these periods are less frequent.

If at all possible, plan on watering early in the morning, before the day has a chance to heat up. Avoid evening watering as extended periods of warm moisture facilitate the overnight growth of harmful fungus. Water is a main ingredient to a healthy lawn. The most efficient and effective approach to watering is a deep soak, not a quick splash.

Soak It All In With Moisture Manager

Drought can wreak havoc on your lawn, even once the dry spell is over. Drought can weaken turf and make it more susceptible to disease. Turf roots, as well as the soil itself, can also become hydrophobic after periods of drought. This condition causes soil and turf to actual reject water, making drought damage even worse.

We are excited to announce a new service that combats this problem. Moisture Manager is an environmentally friendly soil treatment that helps your lawn make the most of watering efforts. By attracting water to both turf roots and the soil, Moisture Manager combats the effects of drought and hydrophobia while ensuring that your lawn uses water as efficiently as possible.

If cutting your water needs by up to 50% interests you, give us a call and we will make Moisture Manager work for you!